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Gwenda Ball

We would not hesitate to recommend

Michael Smith

Fantastic piece of kit.


It will make your life a whole lot easier

Andy Barnes

Already paid for itself several times over

Alan Hawkins

Astounded by the image clarity

James Bewick

The quality and price are second to none

Alan Silverstone

It paid for itself within a week and that’s good enough for me

Mark Durkowski

Best value for money tool have bought for a long time

John Moran

Great product, especially for the money

Andy Rogers

I’m really impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone

Orlando Yumuya

Its usefulness is endless

Paul Quinlan

Brilliant camera so easy to use and quality of the images are excellent

Stuart Davies

I have every confidence in recommending the product and company

Neil Percival

Has already saved me more time than it cost, great tool.

Dr Lynch-Blosse

Great piece of kit

Ian Wilson

Best tool in my van

Johnathan B

Best camera under £300 by far.

Steve Peters

Best thing I ever bought!


Good illumination, clear images and well built


Really great product, easy to to use.

Livewire Installations

Great item – would recommend to any tradesperson

Price shown excludes VAT – Excellent image – Perfect for every trade and application

  • Image enhancing software
  • See up to 2m in total darkness
  • FREE Hook, Mirror, Magnet
  • Photo or Video recording
  • Internal memory or SD card
  • Time, date and custom stamp

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Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Image enhancement icon
Image Enhance

See up to 2m in total darkness

Camera head icon
1.5m x 8.5mm

Longer than average

Photo and video icon

Records photos and videos

Waterproof icon

Up to 1.5m depth of pressure

Chemical resistant icon
Chemical Resistant

Use in petrol, diesel, oil etc

Zoom icon
4 x Zoom

See further when necessary

Internal memory icon
Internal Memory

1000 photos or 5 minutes of video

SD card icon
Optional SD card

For masses more storage

Time and date icon
Time & Date

All recordings are stamped

Data stamp icon
Data Stamp

Add Your custom data to recordings

Folders icon
Separate Folders

Keeps photos and videos organised

Thumbnail icon
Thumbnail View

List view or thumbnails

Video search icon
Video Search

Quickly find your evidence

USB icon

PC link cable supplied

Padlock icon

Protect settings and recordings

Battery saver icon
Battery Saver

Shut off unit or LED to save power

Accessory attachments

Hook, Mirror and Magnet for free

Soft carry case icon
Carry Case

Professional soft carry case

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 33 x 22 x 8 cm

Yellow and grey


One touch photo and video
Internal memory or SD card

162 reviews for Tradesman Record – UK’s Best-Seller

Great image quality, brilliant value for money. Inspection heads compatible with Rigid Seesnake making it a very useful addition to my kit.

A great bit of kit. Used for the inspection of the inside of diving cylinders and record the condition. Being able to take the photo to show the customers is a great benefit

Great piece of kit.
Picture quality very good, zoom feature and adjustable LED light help to improve picture.
The transfer to SD card also saves connoting unit to computer if you want to transfer images.
Would definitely recommend

Very wellnmade and sturdy product.
Picture quality is very good assisted by an adjustable LED light and up to 4x zoom.
An added advantage is to be able to record both photos and videos on to an SD card for transfer to computer.
Overall a very good product which I have no hesitation in recommending

I bought the camera to access some very tight spaces on boats and also to be able to view below the waterline when necessary. The unit with its IP rated camera has proven to be invaluable for these tasks. It always helps to be able to view the items in the tight spaces whether it be wiring, pipework or other fixings, in order to plan maintenance or plan how to best access them. A great tool.

I saw a 46 year old classic car advertised with the claim it was exceptional in the all important structural areas. With the Tradesman Record I was able to see inside the box sections and all the known likely rust areas. It was exceptional! So I bought it with confidence.
When I got the car home, again, I used the Tradesman Record but this time to see how some non-original wiring had been done behind the dashboard. This made it much easier to see how to dismantle it.

Picture quality is superior to any other inspection camera I have had or used. No need to spend anymore, easy view is in a different league

very easy to use with loads of handy stuff such as photo and video record of the things you are looking at.much easier to explain to the client when you have the images to show them the problem.we run a property maintenance business and the camera has been used to find leaks beneath showers,in cavity walls etc.we have checked chimney flues and even found rodent entrance very pleased with the cameras quality and ease of use so far.

Extremely pleased with this piece of equipment. The build quality is excellent as is the picture quality. The image/video storage facility is very useful. The carry case is of similar quality. I’d have been happy to pay full price for the Record! It’s a very professional piece of kit at a very affordable price.

We use these cameras throughout our group of bodyshops to inspect internal strengthening components in cars without the need to cut off and replace external panels to gain access. This has saved us huge amounts of time in replacing panels unnecessarily and has saved many cars from being written off as the additional costs of replacing a panel just to inspect internal undamaged panels would have pushed it over the repair cost limit.

A very useful bit of kit. Used to survey old boats behind engines and fixed panels etc. If used with a thin pipe( IE thread the lens down the tube) it increases range and reduces danger of damage. I keep it with me all the time.

The Professional Digital Inspection Camera has been very useful for surveying buildings. Allowing me to look into cavities and tight areas around the roof. It has helped me to assess the presence of cavity wall insulation , fire stops and cavity barriers. The screen is very clear and in colour, The photographs are easily saved and downloaded, which are brilliant for reports. With the SD card you can store a large number of photos on the camera. (Which more than I need in one visit) .

I have used this EazyView device now for some months and I find it very good for my job, I am a Coffee Machine Engineer which includes inspecting the high pressure boiler internally and externally then filing a report on CoffeeSafe every 12 months , This is a Legal requirement to check the integrity of the boiler for safety.
I have used other devices that plug into your Mobile Phone but I find the EazyView much better Plus it comes in a handy storage pouch.
Plus the after sales support is first rate.

Highly Recommended .

This has really come in useful in my role as Facilities Manager , wish I had purchased one earlier.
Very impressed with quality and clarity and so are my colleagues.
Regards Gavin.

Having recently moved into a newbuild house I needed to check behind radiators as it appeared some were not seated properly on their support brackets. The camera enabled me to find four radiators that needed to be re-fixed. A robust piece of kit with a screen that produces a sharp clear image. Good to see that the product is designed in the UK.

Have been using the camera for about 5 years as an amateur Vintage Car enthusiast and it has proved to be invaluable in identifying problems in engines, chassis and bodywork.
I would also say that the Tech Support proved to be excellent when the camera developed a fault, even though it was well past any expected warranty period. Top quality service and product.

Pound for pound this product is far more versatile and useful than others we have purchased. Especially the camera and video element

Excellent product, needed it for a bathroom job with unknown pipe locations. Did the job, save a lot of anx. Have since found other tasks for it. A very good buy, simple to use. Would benefit from a mark on camera lens to show camera attitude, quite difficult at times to make out orientation, but other than that 10 out of 10

Not only is the kit excellent but the tech support is as well. I had a problem recently and emailed for advice. This was responded to very quickly and after my providing a bit more info everthing was sorted. Thanks Eazyview.

I use this for inspecting Coffee Boilers Internally , Being a service engineer for a large coffee machine company.
Every 12 months coffee boilers being a High Pressure Vessel require inspection for insurance purpose’s and safety

This Camera is Excellent, records also

A lightweight but superb piece of kit.
Easy to use with superb pictures, I use to inspect internal sections of equipment fitted to Cooling Towers. superior in every way to my previous borescope, highly recommend.

Bought this purely to use around the house so didn’t want to pay too much. I previously bought a camera that you could use with a phone app but that was rubbish, so grainy you simply couldn’t see anything of detail. This camera is a vast improvement on that. There is still some room for improvement, in very dark conditions the picture is still quite grainy but not enough to stop you seeing a fair bit of detail. In bright conditions it’s fine. The ability to take photos and record video makes it very easy to review what you wanted to look at, hence my reason for buying this model. Overall, quite happy with my purchase.

Within days of receiving this product I used it to clear a partially blocked bath drain outlet, retrieve a serial number from the side of a Smoke Detector on the ceiling and, clear the outlet pipe from the washing machine and inspect the evaporation tray at the back of the refrigerator.
Would be better if batteries could be recharged without taking out.
Overall, pleased with purchase.

I use this to inspect coffee machine boilers. It allows me to access the internals checking for a build up of scale. Saves time on having to drain the boiler and remove the element to see inside. Useful being able to photograph or video, and show the results to customers.

Excellent product – easy to use out of the box, great value for money, and it’s enabled me to get a glimpse of how 3 swarms of honeybees are settling into their new hives, without having to open the hives and stress them. The bees are aware of the light and slight warmth from the LED, I think, but for short periods of time, there’s little obvious reaction.
Amazing value for money given the still and video images it can capture. Probably lots of other DIY and natural history uses for it too.

I’m a retired vet and new “natural” style beekeeper, who wanted to occasionally look inside my beehives to see how the bees were faring, without opening them up, as more conventional beekeepers would. With 3 swarms from a single source hive in May 2019, I’ve had lots of scope to use it already. Having seen the video of the EazyView online, I’d bought one immediately. It’s as good as the video implies – easy to understand and master, well made, and for the money involved a brilliant value aid to understanding the pace of change within a hive. The only limitation being my ability to fine move the probe. But practice will improve this I’m sure. The bees are aware of it, after a while – probably both the light and slight LED warmth, but if you pick a cool evening around dusk, and avoid a full moon when the bees here seem a bit more restless, you can get some great stills and videos. It may well be easier to use inside a more natural type of beehive than the tighter confines of a more commercial one, but it’s always possible to create a bungable hole in the box side, or use the hive entrance hole for access. I was delighted by what I managed to capture even within 3 hours of unwrapping the parcel when it arrived. And will use it intermittently through the year, but there are lots of other natural history, let alone DIY uses for it. Well done to EazyView for a great, good value product.
You can see a few early clips and stills here:

Prompt delivery. Happy with product

USER : DIYer aged 81
REVIEW : Very pleased with the Eazyview bought to identify best pipe runs for forthcoming Gas C H through floors, stud walls, under and behind kitchen units etc.
Photos transfer to Mac computer no problem.
Thanks for a great product.

Performance and build quality first class. Purchased primarily to access difficult areas of my Classic Car but already i can think of many other uses. Would not hesitate in recommending it.

I bought this scope to assist me while replacing a engine cylinder head gasket on a 2015 Mercedes coach where the access was limited.
The tradesman record worked perfectly and and saved me time and money while assisting me where I just couldn’t reach.
Running decent battery’s the run time is good too.
I would highly recommend this scope.
Kind regards Nic

Simple and easy to use.

Very easy to use and multi functional.
Would highly recommend this product

It’s a fantastic bit of kit especially looking into void areas without much damage. Everyone should have one for home or work . Please invent one with a moving camera head.

A very good value product. Works well, with a clear picture and effective recording. Quick delivery too. ?

Bought this specifically to inspect the internal structure of glider wings. It makes the job much easier & quicker as you can operate the camera with one hand & steer the probe with the other. Images are better quality than some cameras at twice the price.

I bought this camera to keep on the van for the odd times I would need it, since having it I can’t believe how useful it been. I especially like the hook attachment which has been really useful and made a hard job easy. Being an Electrician being able to see under floors or inside walls by making only a small hole, has saved me lots of time. Buying from a company which offers support is a big plus for me.
As with lots of tools, until you have it you can’t imagine how you managed without it. Eazyview just makes life a little bit easier.
Arthur Mills
Amp Electrical

Straight away this product was useful. As soon as I switched it on I pushed the flexible camera line deep under fitted units in our living room just to see how good it was. On the screen was my wife’s silver earring which had been missing for over a year. I have tons of jobs to use this camera for but its first success was not even planned for!

Excellent product. Needed to check we’re a leak was coming from inside a cavity. I found were the source of the leak was coming from within 5 minutes of using the Eazyview. Would highly recommend it.

i use this to internally inspect ductwork for LEV testing. If a duct blockage is suspected this easily fits in our test holes so we can check the internal condition for drop out of material. This saves removing sections of duct or repeated cutting in of access doors.
The ability to photograph and record assists in a visual record for the customer and enables a definitive diagnosis of the condition of the systems.
Also great for access to areas on our waste extraction systems which can be problematic if a system is in operation but requires a visual eye to see whats actually going on during the process.
Saves time, and enables engineers to inspect an active operation safely without the need for system shutdowns or guard removals etc.
Id perhaps like to see a larger touch screen option and bluetooth available for easier operation and data downloads and transfer.

Delivered punctually. Box was crushed in inadequate packaging. Just leaves a bad first impression. Looking forward to using it. Glad to have this piece of kit and at an affordable price.

I don’t usually go out of my way to review a product but it was worth it this time. I bought the tradesman record as I thought it might be handy and it’s already paid for itself. Customer with a leaking shower base from an unknown cause, previously would have required possibly stripping out to find the cause. I drilled a small hole in one corner out the way and put in the camera to find that the seal around the base had been done badly with poor quality silicone. I re-sealed it, job done. Having the record function was ideal as I could show the customer the exact issue with proof of the problem and it makes me look a lot more professional than someone who says “well I have done a bit of re-sealing, let’s see if that works, if not I can came back and strip it and refit it. Here’s my bill”.

I had been using a Bosch camera before for several years and thought the picture quality was good until I purchased an easy view camera . This provides a much better picture ,is more flexible and has a better LED light so pictures are much brighter.I have only used it several times but has worked very well .I hope to have many years use from this little gem.

I too received the Record version rather than the standard one ordered – Thank you for the upgrade.
So far I have only used once in anger and that was to find where the studs were relative to an electric socket mounting in a plaster board wall. Worked perfectly good clear pictures.
I just need to practice moving the camera when you have a sharp angle to get behind the plaster board via the electric socket.

very useful bit of kit used it far more than I thought I would ,knocks spots off the cheep usb one I was using

Brilliant piece of kit, easy to use, image quality excellent.

Fantastic product easy to use with clear images in all situations a valuable tool nobody should be without.

Nice bit of kit, good screen picture, and the record function is excellent for reviewing.

Excellent piece of kit. Purchased to view inaccessible area on my boat.
Can’t believe I’ve managed so long without one.
Upgraded to recordable model.

Good product. Used it for looking inside a car chassis to inspect for rust etc. Perfect for the job, but when using around grease and Waxoyl you need to clean the lens regularly (not surprisingly) as you can’t see much once it gets on the end of the camera.

Nice piece of kit. I’ve used it for two jobs, so far: to work out how to seat a cable grommet I couldn’t see under the car, and to inspect the seal around the woodburner flue. A very clear picture and the Record option means I can post photos or videos on DIY forums.

We found the device invaluable while we were checking a flushing problem with a dual cyphonic toilet, with the light and the clearness of the picture we were able to carry out our investigation and locate the problem without having to remove the toilet, with the added feature of taking photos and video we have found this device a real asset to our tool collection.

What a great product. Quality feel and it came with batteries!
Allowed me to view leak site on my boat which was completely inaccessible.

what can I say that has not been said, very easy to use, got to check wall cavity before insulation, result dirty cavity. Used it to on the car to locate Bolt on oil filter better than trying to feel for it. Checked insulation in shed to find out what was scurrying about – a family of mice. Have now lent it to a friend to inspect under his caravan
thank you Kev

A very useful piece of equipment that produces good clear images

Excellent inspection camera for the money, easy enough menus once you get use to them. good photos and videos.

use to check condition of fore dampers and cleanliness of ventilation ductwork and for photographic evidence.

Perfect Picture clear and bright.
Well made piece of equipment and supplied next day as the sun came up.

I used the camera to find some domestic water pipes which were behind a stud partition wall.
Worked well

Lots of reviews read prior to buying this unit, so I had found what I thought was the best o the market, and I wasn’t wrong. I bought the professional one, even though I am not a professional as such, but it is so useful. We have just moved to an old cottage, and a guy came to fit a new aerial, we pushed the Eazyview down a pipe that went from outside to the living room, and it showed us that there were no cables in the way, and he only had to drill though plaster board to get the coax into place. HE BOUGHT ONE TOO. A plumber came and need to check something in the wall, so used my unit, HE BOUGHT ONE TOO. Then an electrician came to bring a cable in from outside, rather than wasting time drilling through a 500mm stone wall, he also used my unit to find an easier route, guess what… HE BOUGHT ONE TOO. I also used it to check the barrels on my shotgun, and to locate a lost diamond ring in a U bend under the sink. Eazyview, you must owe me some commission by now, people keep borrowing mine, and then ordering one……

Simple to use. Quick, clear and easy.
Does what it says it can do, with no fuss.
Would definitely recommend, and buy again when needed.

I spent a lot of time researching to buy this product, I nearly bought the Lidl version. What swayed me was the comparison screen shot and the demo video. Ultimately these devices are only as good as as the visibility they provide. I had a cheap snakecam that you use with a phone with 6″ screen. By comparison with the snakecam the focus is terrible and you can’t tell what the big image is showing, use the eazyview and you can easily make out what the screen shows with reasonable focus at 2m away so you can see what you are approaching and then see the detail as you get close, with the snakecam it is down to luck. It is a great product and I have used to get a picture of a serial number on the back of an item in an awkward place, to check wiring, to help work out how to disassemble car interior panels etc. but I was most pleased not to have to move a washing machine for a leak that turned out to come from splashing water round the sink not a pipe or washing machine itself! I’m not a tradesman and it felt expensive to buy for home use but I am pleased with the purchase and well recommend it. If I were a tradesman or mechanic it is a no brainer. Summary: bright clear image that you can recognise – it does what you really need really well.

I bought it recently it’s very useful and works great

Very good clarity. Would recommend.

Good quality product, prompt delivery. Very pleased.

Great tool for identifying cable routes. Avoids need for invasive investigation which can take a lot of time and builders works for repairs. Will be rolling across our install teams.

Four jobs in with this machine and so far, no problems at all. Sorted out lost cable in ceiling, the cause of a blocked waste pipe and blocked shower extractor pipe in a walk-in shower. Also used it to inspect a boxed in pipe system in the bathroom.
Pros: long robust inspection probe, good clear images, good size screen, videos and pictures so that you can review on other media.
Cons: As yet none.
I don’t usually do reviews, but this bit of kit deserves one – it really has saved me money and has paid for itself already.
From my short experience with it so far – highly recommended – I’ve just found a few more jobs that I can use it on!!

I have used this camera to view a suspected leaky toilet drain under the bathroom floor. I was able to detect a small leak where a flexible pipe entered a larger fixed pipe. this enabled me to inject some sealant into the joint. This solution avoided the need to remove tiles and floor substrate and the entailing mess and expense.

Excellent value, does what I need it to and more!

Great image quality and easy to use.

This device lives up to all the previously posted reviews
I have not used it for serious work yet but the images, focus , zoom and variable light features appear very good.

An extremely impressive piece of kit. The picture quality is fantastic, as is the record / still image function. Ordering online was very quick and easy and the camera arrived in a couple of days. It has already transformed my survey work and I am able to provide much more detailed images when reporting. Price is extremely competitive and I would not hesitate in recommending this product.

I used this to look at the inside of a steam boiler on its annual insurance survey after a chemical clean due to scaling, this was for my own interest, I’m surprised the insurance surveyors and the chemical cleaning team don’t use equipment like this to view the internals better.

Excellent design, with good functionality and intuitive menus etc. Bright light and useful 45 degree mirror option. Delivery very swift.

Recently ordered tradesman record had a problem with initial usage rang yesterday to report left message within the hour was called back by Simon who explained possible problem but without a 2nd thought offered replacement which arrived today and camera works fine,original collected by same courier class customer care which befits top class product …most impressed

Good product. It has helped me loads in my pest control business.

Best thing is long focal length. Good bright light. Semirigid cable stays in position. Feels robust.

Initially bought to inspect the internals of an old motorcycle engine which I suspected of low compression due to worn or broken piston rings. I was able to verify the Pistons and rings were in fact new and just hadn’t seated properly yet , so saved an expensive and time consuming strip down and rebuild of top end! Subsequently used camera and attachment to retrieve a part of ball cock stop valve which I accidentally dropped in a toilet cistern and which had lodged out of reach under the syphon ! Also used to inspect inside a cavity wall for damp, luckily all clear! All in all a very useful product and already paid for itself, an essential bit of kit in anyone’s toolbox, proffesional or diyer. Jobs a good’un.

Bought this as working on a “new build” and was trying to find a cable route from the loft to the living room, couldn’t lift the flooring and didn’t want to drill lots of “test holes” in case I hit a plastic pipe.
Removed one downlight inserted camera in hole and found a route within minutes, saved hours and didn’t have to lift any carpets.
Loved the adjustable zoom and led brightness, battery life could be better, plenty of room in the handy carry case for spares so not really an issue.

I needed an inspection camera as Was renovation an old cottage that had been extended .
I tried some budget models but returned them as being next to useless , then by chance I saw the easyview in our local city plumbing and bought it.
I am so pleased I did as Ive used it for inspecting cavities, found rat chewed electrical wiring which according to the electrician could have caused a fire, he was also impressed with the camera, he had just bought one one from a very large tool brand and if didnt come close to the specs and performance of the easyview when we tried them head to head.
One thing I have found is the 1.5 m pipe, while excellant for getting through small gaps can be a little floppy accross large gaps but I have cut a length of alkathene water pipe which is just shorter than the camera pipe and use that as a guide.
I am a mechanic and the time the camera has save looking through plug holes, inspecting parts, reading part numbers……..the list is endless.

Highly recommended.

I purchased this item to check outlet hose from washing machine and other similar pipe problems that may occur that are awkward to access. I found it was reasonably priced for my pocket and it will come in handy from time to time.

Had this as a Birthday present as always wanted an easier way to see under floorboards than using the old torch and mirror.

What a magnificent tool this is. The images are very clear, and the record function is a great bonus if the area you are inspecting was difficult to access.

I’ve used this to get rid of rats from under my shed. Easy to see where they were to lay poison down. Also used it to inspect the bottom pulley of my engine.

It’s strange, this is one of those things you never knew you really needed until you have it.

If you are in the trade, electrician, plumber, asbestos inspector (to see down cavities without destructive testing) this is an invaluable tool.

New home construction with steels and the piece of 2×1 on top to take the above floor can be a real nuisance to thread cables. This tool saves you a world of pain.

For the price I cannot recommend this item highly enough.

This is indeed a fantastic bit of kit which I have now added to my ever-growing collection of inspection tools. Available light is so important to me and without it, can make more expensive cameras with thinner cables look and feel useless. I am excited to hear from Eazyview that a rigid 90 degree probe attachment is on the away – invaluable for cavity wall inspections. As soon as this available I am buying it. Watch the battery life, but you can use rechargeable!

Awesome bit of kit! Paid for itself on its first outing, found out rats had been eating their way out of the wall behind a night storage heater. My only negative comment is that it is hard to use in bright sunshine, but what screen isn’t? The SD card has to go in upside down with the gold contacts facing up, took me a while to figure that one out but no ‘biggy’. I would happily recommend this unit to any pest control operator and have done so many times already. I don’t think I could live without it now, it’s a ‘must have’ bit of kit! Five stars from me, great customer service.

Excellent design, excellent quality, excellent value for money and excellent next day delivery.

Not having an image rotation feature,I found was a disadvantage when reading engine/part numbers or determining which way up a hidden part is fitted.
The camera was purchased for automotive work, but I am sure it will be used for many other things.

Regards Gordon

Very happy with this product I’ve used it for a few jobs already and transferred the videos onto my PC. It requires strong batteries as the ones which came with the camera lasted for one video. Had an issue with how to transfer the files and the technical team were on hand in minutes to help.

Absolutely fantastic quality is superb and service was great. Highly recommended.

I suspected I had a leak in the flat roof extension at home. My options were to either pull up the felt and the roof boards or cut a hole in the ceiling. Neither was very appealing. Using the Eazyview camera through drilled holes obviously saved me time and money. As I work in a garage, the camera will come in handy there too! And there was no leak.

The Eazyview has saved me having to remove floor boards and ceilings to pull through cables and to check for leaks without major dismantling. Easy to use and a clear picture of what would normally be invisible. Even managed to find a cable route behind dot and dabbed plasterboard. Don’t need it very often but so useful when you do.

Fantastic tool, paid for itself on one job, saved hours of time not having to remove stud walls etc.

Very useful tool. Used it for cylinder inspection in a Bentley , looking for lost nut in ford sump, looking in cavities for state of pipes, dead mice etc. Camera end not flexible enough to go round bend in a narrow (10mm) sunroof drain tube

Bought this to inspect cavity walls, so far it has proven to be much better than my previous purchases. The picture is far clearer with the “periscope” attachment and there is no reflection back from the light in the mirror, this was a massive problem with my last scope bought from a competitor.

Good bit of kit, excellent screen quality and good features for a good price.

I was not sure what to expect when I ordered the Record, but have been pleasantly surprised. In the first 3 days of ownership, I have inspected soffits, stud walls and ceiling voids. Made my threading of IP cables for CCTV much easier.

1) The device is well made.
2) The device is robust, handling being shoved into tight spaces easily.
3) The display is bright and in focus.
4) The case works well, holding the device securely.

1) The supplied batteries lasted about 15 mins.
2) I wish I had bought it the day before and got the free View as a bonus. It would be so handy to have view or both ends when threading things.
3) It needs a way to show which way is up as it easy to lose orientation.
4) Need to be able to disable the record button. Keep pressing it when handling the device.

On balance it is a good device, value for money and a great addition to my toolset.

This Camera does what it promises, it is easy to set up, easy to work, the pictures for it size and price a very good, like the protective cover for the camera, wish that I had bought something like this years ago, would recommend to any trades-people, or DIYers.

Very versatile little camera at a very reasonable price would recommend this for the price

Brilliant product – paid for itself the first time I used it to track down a water leak in a studding wall.

light and very easy to use. Comes with case. Excellent picture quality. does not come with SD card

Good afternoon,

I purchased one of your cameras recently and have used it twice in my work as a Consulting Automobile Engineer.

On the second job that I undertook I found to be very useful and it gave a good result in relationship to a £10,000 claim in relationship to a defective engine. The camera was used to inspect inside the oil way/gallery of an Alfa Romeo engine and it revealed a blockage that had caused oil starvation that resulted in damage to the engine. The camera has paid for itself on this one job.

Kind regards,

George Mighall.

Visit our website… George.T.Mighall Consulting Automobile Engineers & Road Traffic Accident Investigator Telephone +44(0)1424 830247 Fax +44 (0) 1424 830600 Email:

Great product that you become to rely on to get you out of any fix, and great customer support.


They were not designed or approved to be used for medical purposes but could still be used for such applications.

The Tradesman camera pipe has a small pin on it for the location of attachments such as hook, mirror and magnet. We would recommend this be filed off to make the head smoother.

Hope this helps.

I use the Eazyview camera to inspect the owl boxes within my owl conservation project. So impressed, my local group have purchased 2 camera’s plus 6 metre extension poles. The camera reduces disturbance of the owls and reduces risk to volunteers without need to climb ladders. The adjustable zoom and brightness controls can see into the darkest sections and the ability to record and photograph are valuable aspects. I recommend this product.

A very good and useful tool ,has helped me find leaks and view without having to carry out destructive works ,would recommend this to all builders.

Thanks Securesight for your excellent Easyview Tradesman Record product.
Your e-mail sales support was quick and informative. The hand held camera and two camera pipes that I ordered work very well and I am now discovering previously un-seen surprises inside musical instruments that I can access very easily.
All credit Securesight for your excellent order processing turn-around and also to UK Mail for their very fast and informative tracked deliveries. Next day delivery, really does mean next day and my Friday order arrived on the Saturday, when I was not expecting it until Monday! All round I have enjoyed and excellent Securesight customer experience and you have exceeded my expectations is every way possible. Thank you!

We put the Eazyview to the test only 2 days ago but it proved itself over and over. Very quick and easy to use, searching for pipes in between stud walls and ceilings this tool has saved us time and effort. We will be adding an SD card shortly to be able to record images for our customers too.
Really pleased with such a useful and invaluable piece of kit.
Nicolas Abadjian
Tenik Property Limited

Great fun . I didn’t buy this for the normal reasons! We have looked in our bird boxes, duck nest up a tree , bat boxes and bees nest to name a few . Obviously all done with a great deal of care .
Many thanks for the advice given

As a vintage car owner and restorer never thought I would use this camera as much as I have.The first day it located the timing dowel hole on my Freelander flywheel during the timing belt change.I also found corrosion inside a mini cross member,totally inaccessible without cutting metal away.
Superb tool,easy to use,don’t waste time looking at similar cameras.

Great piece of kit, able to dim light to nil when required and record for customer check if required, extra long cable can reach areas otherwise unobtainable locations by other viewers. Quality of image HD.

Excellent quality product that has become invaluable in assisting in internal examination of equipment.
An brilliant purchase.

Great product. Saved lots of time and damage tracking down some leaks under old floor boards.

I am an architect and bought this to investigate the construction of the listed house I have just moved into – to see under timber floors, into wall cavities and inaccessible roof voids. It is clearly going to be very useful for many refurbishment jobs in future. Really well designed, tough and easy to use.

I had another brand and hated it. Returned it because the image quality was terrible. I use it for my home inspection business. Works great, I can look up chimneys into other inaccessible places to see if there may be water damge. Great tool.


Bill Vardaro

If it had a built in facility to move the cam head up, down, left + right like the ‘ENDOSCOPE’ used in hospitals at the present price I paid £79.00+vat it would be worth it. I was fitting down lights and had to pass cable through the ceiling joist where existing cables were and even with the hook facility(very good + clever, mirror+magnet also supplied). “Completely useless” for passing camera with hook thru more than one joist. Had to make extra holes in the ceiling big enough to get my hand in to pass the cable thru & fill them up after! Otherwise, good for looking into ceiling void with camera & light to check position of cables/pipes etc. thru a 10 mm hole. also able to adjust light brightness and magnification(v.good). Many thanks, Brian@unicorn

Handy product but difficult to use in certain areas, will need more practice.
Image good, when understood which way round it actually is.
Nicely packed too, neat, not tried record facility yet.
Keep up the good work.

Excellent product. Quality images. Used to view pipework and inside fresh water storage tank on narrowboat.

Works great
I use it to inspect chimney Flues. Just waiting on 10m inspection kit.

Bought this for my Husbands birthday. Since then he has used it to look into gutters, nest boxes, behind kitchen units to view fixings, into walls to inspect wiring, to check shower drain, check drive belt on the car, in actual fact used on a weekly basis along with the extension pole when needed. Great bit of kit!

I purchased the Tradesman Record as we had been contracted to investigate a possible leak from the cistern of a client’s toilet. The cistern was a built in type and was concealed behind expensive tiles that were no longer in production. Using the product we were able to determine the source of the leak and, most importantly, that the escape of water had not been into the void behind the tiles but down through the casting of the cistern. This saved the client potentially hundreds of pounds that they would have had to spend in terms of removing the tiling work and replacing it. Excellent product that has in effect “paid for itself” on the first use!

Had serious problem fitting integrated washing machine trying to get it to go in far enough , pipes crossing over etc ,but not being able to see ,so was able to insert your camera through side panel panel see what was going on. Wonderful. I’m now going around looking for opportunities to use the camera ? so many thanks for developing an amazing piece of technology. Dave

Amazing piece of equipment, saves messing around as the Eazyview gets in all those places that you cant get into, amazing value as well

Got this in March already it has done its money’s worth I am maintenance at a hotel and within a few days needed to find some
Cables in walls and also put it up a water pipe to find the blockage which was damaged washers the picture is amazing quality can see everything would highly recommend this product and I will with no hisitation recommend this to my friends and family

Great camera, recording option a great feature. Used it for locating central heating pipes, cables.
Looking for rattles on car body panels without having to dismantle.
Only downside batteries appear to discharge even when switched off and stored.
I would advise removing batteries after use each time
Highly recommended product.

We use the kit to prove the cleanliness (or not) of ventilation ductwork to our clients. It has proved a powerful tool with exceptional results and removes the need for ceiling access and ductwork removal.

Saved me 4 hours at least – when working out where a CAT 6 Ethernet cable could be passed thru in a wall and floor! Brilliant device. A week later I had another job that involved looking in existing holes inside a wall to work out what route could be taken for cables. This tool is a godsend!

Great item I have purchased two of them easy to use and so far reliable,would recommend to any trades person .

Great product and great price. Really impressed and I when I received it, relieved that it wasn’t a poor quality item as it is considerably cheaper than the competition. Very happy with it.

This really is a great bit of kit. I am an electrician and thought it might be of use to look about under floors when tracing faults or looking where I needed to run cables. The camera gets used about once a week for a large number of things. Along with the already mentioned under floors, it goes into wall cavities, behind kitchen units, looking in tight places where I cant get my head. I have had it inside a couple of woodworking machines and one old lathe to see if parts are operating as they should. It has been lent out to a builder who wanted to check what had caused a block in a drain pipe under ground, no problem as it is waterproof . The photo or video operation is very helpful to show clients what I have actually seen.

A great bit of kit for the workshop
I have an old classic car. Last year I completed a thorough cavity wax injection rust proofing process on it. At the time I concluded that I didn’t know whether I had coated all the metal inside the cavities. This Eazyview camera has now allowed me to look inside all the cavities to see they have been properly coated and also the general condition of the metal panels/chassis.
Any serious classic car owner should have one of these to check whether their car is rusting from the inside out.

Had an ant nest somewhere behind an inbuilt freezer which is hard to remove to identify whats behind it. Got an inspection camera from Eazyview and found it straight away. Great kit.

I use the tool to trail level 2 &3 apprentices involved on engine units to inspect the bores, write a report then strip the engine to confirm their findings.
Also I’ve gained a lot of new best friends who want to borrow it for all manner of reasons at home and work and to tight to buy one. I now give hem your website.
A lot of tech for the price, treated with care should last a good white.

This product has saved me hundreds of pounds as my property had a soil pipe leak that I could not find without ripping up the internal floor and part of a block paved drive,after checking through a small hole drilled into a stud
wall the crack in the pipe was detected and sorted with minimal intrusion so it paid for itself within half a day
Great Product!!

The EAZYVIEW inspection camera located the leaking pipe, situated in the void between floors, quickly and accurately. No need to cut large holes in the plasterboard ceiling, or to disturb expensive bathroom floor tiles etc. Repair work carried out cheaply and without a lot of mess. Highly recommended.

Excellent product, very well designed and made, great value: buy one!

I looked around for some time, because I’m tight and like value for money. In the end I had to get one asap and bought my Tradesman Record from my local Travis Perkins. Alas, for more than if I’d bought direct but needed it. Even after paying too much I’m still ecstatic! It’s in the same league as much more expensive cameras and EazyView Customer Service are the nuts. If you’re deliberating, as I did, don’t you will not be disappointed with a Tradesman Record.

Only had it less than a day and it’s already paid for its self.
An excellent product at a reasonable cost.

Brilliant inspection camera in all respects. Well made robust construction, good functionality and easy to use out of the box. Well priced with the 50% deal and look forward to many years of use negotiating those awkward to get at places. Well done Eazyview.

An amazing camera for the money!
With the 50% off deal I am amazed at the quality of this camera at over half the price and 3 times the quality of its nearest competitor.
It’s camera cable is longer than the competition, its picture is clearer, it records without the need of an SD card (saving you more money) and it has more features.
Tons of videos on youtube and the web site to see it in action but just buy one, you will not be dissapointed.

Contact with Eazyview was easy and a pleasure – real technical support and advice. Product arrived very quickly (next day which, for our village, is an achievement!). Well packaged and is well made.
Easy to use straight out of the box.
Used immediately to route cables underfloor around plumbing etc and normal builders debris.
Subsequent use in routing wiring thro’ car engine compartment which was not otherwise visible was excellent.
Clear imaging and easy to zoom etc.
Highly recommend company and product.
Thank you

Great value inspection camera. It has helped to find various leaks with minimal disruption to decor and furniture. The ability to record images and video has been helpful for insurance claims for my customers.

I’ve had this camera for a while now and can’t fault it, clear image and good lighting. I mainly use it to inspect steam boilers but have also found it handy to locate things under the bonnet of the car. Although it is a good accessory for keeping the unit clean I do find having the rubber cover fitted makes it more awkward to use, easy to remove though.

Bought the Eazyview tool at the Race Retro show on 23 February . Brilliant, innovative product. Brilliantly demonstrated at the show, good light source, good detail on screen with zoom feature and with the extremely useful feature of being able to record what is seen in photo or video form.

Comes in a convenient carry case with a range of useful accessories. We keep thinking of new uses for it and are sure we will continue to do so.

We would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of this product.

Fantastic piece of kit.

Used it now to locate a leak under the floor on a central heating system, to find a route for cables installing a dash cam on a car, and to look behind panels before drilling and fixing avoiding cables and pipes.

I bought this camera last year to assist me with the installation of security cameras on my house.

I can’t tell you how easy it made the job when you could see clearly the route the wires should take.

A small hole allows access for the camera the rest is easy. I was so impressed with this camera, the picture quality and the ease of use I bought another camera for my brother-in-law for Christmas.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Eazyview professional camera, it will make your life a whole lot easier.

This is a brilliant bit of kit, which has already paid for itself several times over.

I use it for inspecting around bends in particular, where my larger CCTV camera can’t reach.

Highly recommend.

A few days ago I took delivery of a tradesman recording camera. I did a fair amount of research before buying and went through the whole range of cameras available within my price range before deciding.

I am truly astounded by the image clarity and versatility of the tradesman record. The camera and tube are thin and the flexibility is perfect. The unit as a whole is easy to handle with all controls perfectly placed for one handed operation. The instructions are precise and easy to understand.

I would not hesitate to recommend the tradesman record to anyone wanting a quality mid priced camera.

I am surveying houses for suitability for cavity wall insulation amongst other things. To do this I need to drill into the cavity wall and then using the Easyview I can see whether the cavity is clear, photograph the cavity and having recorded the content onto a memory card update the company a.s.a.p. The hand held unit gives me freedom of movement around the buildings which other units do not. One unit attached to a computer was a disaster. The simplicity of use of this scope makes it a no-brainer in my field.

The quality and price are second to none. In fact I now own two of these and would purchase a new Tradesman should I lose one.

We have now used the same Eazyview camera for nearly two years and it has been an invaluable tool for mechanical work, especially in tracing oil leaks and also for vehicle inspections. We are trusted by clients to examine all aspects of a potential purchase or for a pre-restoration appraisal and being able to show that client the internal condition of a sump or a structural sill can save them thousands or confirm their purchase plans.

Our Eazyview has flown thousands of miles, been dropped more times than I care to admit and yet has performed impeccably.

It paid for itself within a week and that’s good enough for me.

Alan Silverstone

I work in carpentry and maintenance . Only had short time but used 3 times already , First was call out to leak through a ceiling managed to identify leak in c/ heating pipe v quickly . Second was installing top plates for stud wall no access to roof void , asistsd me to avoid drilling through numerous IT cables / obstructions etc .

Last was u/ floor leak slate flor listed building , Enabled quick / accurate location of leak reducing floor floor removal.

Great bit of kit for the money .

Best value for money tool have bought for a long time.

Great product, especially for the money. We use it in Hydraulics, it’s great for checking condition inside oil tanks and checking the condition of the bore of Cylinders.

I needed an inspection camera after dropping a nut inside the bell housing of a gearbox I was replacing. I decided in purchasing the EazyView as it had the best price/features ratio. I was able to hook the nut out with its magnet attachment in 5 minutes and thus saved me an entire day worth of work removing and re-fitting the gearbox. I’m sure it will come in use for inspecting engine cylinders and fuel tanks as well.

I’m really impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an inspection camera!

Really really happy for this gadget, in fact it pays for itself.

Bought a house and realise the amount of electrics and pipings hidden behind the wall, with this gadget it saves me time and definitely money for unnecessary repairs if it happens you drill against electrics and worst a water pipe. Its usefulness is endless and I always carry around in my toolbox in doing DIY’s job in my home.

Brilliant camera so easy to use and quality of the images you see are excellent

I primarily purchased the device for help during restoration work on my 1934 MG PA and has proved to be an essential item in my toolbox. In particular, trying to locate the tachometer cables “D” shaped end into the overhead camshaft which cannot be easily seen as it sits close to the firewall. By using the camera I could identify how the female “D” slot was sitting on the end of the camshaft so that by rotating the cable end I could slide the cable in place.

It has also proven very useful at looking at the blue tits in the bird box in the garden!

Excellent Product!!!

Saves me time in inspecting the chimney. With this gadget helps me to assess works need to be done without removing the solid cover. Good quality of video and pictures as well.

Highly recommended.

I was looking for one of these before deciding what to do on a bathroom refurbishment. It all depended what was behind the false wall that the toilet and basin were against and also the run of the soil pipe. By making a small hole inside a cupboard in the adjoining room i was able to do this investigation without removing tiles.

I had a great discussion with Simon at Eazyview who filled me with confidence. The unit arrived quickly and was well packaged. Like Simon said the range when viewing is exceptional.

The price is great. I would have every confidence in recommending both the product and the company,

Purchased a couple of weeks ago and found it really useful for looking for cable routes within ceiling voids.

Has already saved me more time than it cost, great tool.

great piece of kit, used in voids, behind sinks and seeing arrangements of pipes etc without having to dismantle. The 5.5mm camera is also very useful and great for close inspection

What a great camera, this has so many uses from checking for leaks under floors to inside boilers, backs of kitchen sink units, the uses are endless.

Best tool in my van.

Great idea.

Found Easyveiw A great help trying to crane my neck in those hard to reach places to check the fire stopping had been completed to a satisfactory condition. even found looking above ceiling tiles was quick and easy a great tool for fire assessments.

Have spoken to the guys at shows and they are informative friendly and offered fantastic advice.

Recently sent the product back (my fault wrong card installed) and they have fixed and returned FOC – great service.

Why cant more companies be like this thanks guys.

Well impressed with the camera. Good illumination, clear images and well built. Hopefully it will last a bit longer than my previous one from another supplier.

Had minor problems with the online purchase when the payment step kept ‘failing’ but in reality each attempt completed. Ended up ordering and paying for 3 cameras! However the Customer Service team were excellent with quick responses to emails and they arranged immediate refunds of the extra payments.

I ordered late evening on Saturday and received the camera mid-morning Monday – that’s fast!

Thanks EazyView.

Really great product, easy to to use. Found to be ideal for inspecting diesel engine cylinders!

Easyview got me out of more trouble than anything. Best inspection camera under £300 by far.

Use every other day and every time I use it I get blown away by how much it helps me.

Very very pleased with it.

Best thing I ever bought!

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Professionals Choice

  • 8.5mm low light camera
  • 1.5m semi rigid pipe
  • Super bright LED
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • 2.4" colour LCD
  • Image enhancing software
  • 4 times zoom
  • One touch record
  • Photo and video record
  • 1000 photo internal memory
  • SD card option
  • Time and date stamp
  • Customer embed field
  • Recording counter
  • Thumbnail or list view
  • Video search feature
  • USB port
  • Battery saver option
  • AV output
  • English/French/Spanish
  • AA batteries
  • Professional soft carry case


A great allrounder, the Eazyview Tradesman is a really versatile high performance inspection camera with image enhancing software designed to give you excellent performance in total darkness such voids, under floorboards, within cavities and machinery and in all hard to reach places.

The Tradesman is our best selling model because it delivers for our customers.

All our knowledge of inspection cameras, borescopes and endoscopes has been condensed into our Tradesman Record to create the best all round inspection camera, delivery professional performance for all trades and professions including:-

  • Electrical and Mechancial
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Building and Mechanical
  • Vehicle and Machinery
  • DIY and other
  • Under floors and in voids
  • Drains and pipes
  • Vehicles and Machinery
  • Cavities and Vents
  • Flues and Chimneys

Eazyview gives excellent images in the dark

The image below shows why the performance of an inspection camera in total darkness is so important.

Example of Eazyview in total darkness small

Both the low cost camera (on the left) and the Eazyview camera are viewing the same image at a distance of 50cm and in complete darkness, both cameras are set to maximum LED brightness yet with the low cost camera it is hardly possible to make anything out while the Eazyview delivers an excellent image of the test card.

With the Eazyview Tradesman Record it is possible to see an object up to 2m in total darkness.

Sample images taken with a Tradesman Record in total darkness