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Phil Bunyan

I have had this camera for a year now and it is brilliant

Mark Milligan

A really great product and fantastic value

Steve Finlason

Very pleased!

Phil Hogben

Can’t rate it highly enough

OUMF Race Team

An excellent product. Invaluable!

Phil Davies

Try one of these – you won’t be disappointed

Price shown excludes VAT – Ideal for DIY applications, a great entry level camera

  • 8.5mm VGA waterproof camera pipe
  • 1.5m long for extra reach
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Supplied with 3 x AA batteries
  • Professional soft carry case
  • FREE Hook, Mirror, Magnet

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Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Camera head icon
1.5m x 8.5mm

Longer than average

Waterproof icon

Up to 1.5m depth of pressure

Chemical resistant icon
Chemical Resistant

Use in petrol, diesel, oil etc

Battery saver icon
Battery Saver

Shut off LED to save power

Accessory attachments

Hook, Mirror and Magnet for free

Soft carry case icon
Carry Case

Professional soft carry case

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 33 x 22 x 8 cm



This models uses our professional low light camera pipe for excellent low light images but does not record

46 reviews for Tradesman View

This is the second camera from eazyview the first was a record version which we never used the function hence we bought this version.
This camera has more than paid for itself as I am an electrician its brilliant in cavitys and behind kitchen cupboards I can honestly say we would have been stuck without it on many occasions highly recommend it

Very good camera – All builders should have one

I work in the leak detection trade and have used many endoscopes but unfortunately the quality of the cameras and the type of job I do meant it was a regular occurrence that I had to replace these cameras but after finding easy view I have had no issues whatsoever and the camera is lasting with no problems since the day I bought it .excellent camera .

Made a difficult job incredibly easy.

We would have had to pay a very expensive service engineer an exorbitant day rate to find out something that took seconds to confirm with this camera.
It was easy to use and has excellent image quality, I would recommend this product 100%

Easy to use does the job. Would recommend

Excellent value for money.

All ok works well.
Value for money.

Bought this basic entry level camera to help me inspect inside some ducting on my narrow boat I am building, and I am very pleased with the results indeed, on the very first day while I was working I dropped a vital fitting behind a unit and couldn’t see where it was located, so got out the camera and hey-presto there it was and I was able to retrieve it. Since then I have used it numerous times to help me see to inaccessible places and the camera has become an essential part of my tool kit. Very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it highly.

This unit is perfect for me as I am a commercial dishwasher and glasswasher engineer, I can see directly down to the pumps to see if they are blocked.
It earned its money with in the first few days of using it.
Spot on piece of equipment for a service techies tool box. Highly recommend.

Very pleased with camera used to detected broken drain which was under floor. pipe looked good on outside but when I put camera down it showed a crack in pipe. Very pleased with camera and would recommend it

Excellent product such a clear picture on the view panel would highly recommend it to anyone using it professionally

I use the easyview tradesman for pest control I can now see into places I could not see into begore. I can now show clients where their problems are using pictures videos. Safes me time and money, great tool.

I am a self employed electrician with my own business and 40 years experience.
I purchased a Dewalt inspection camera a few years ago to complement my current Dewalt range.
The camera was useful but Ltd due to a short rechargeable battery life & a 17mm width camera head. The optics failed so replaced with an Easyveiw as used by a plumber friend. The dry cell batteries last well, the lens size half that of the Dewalt, picture quality better and £200 less !
The Easyveiw inspection camera is simply an essential part of my tool kit and too many problems turned to solutions
thanks to it to remember ! This is my 2nd Easyveiw as the first also suffered optic failure after a year of use and more economic to replace the whole thing.
Possible cause might be a scratched lens through constant scrapping in abrasive insulation ?

fabulous product
i used it to check down shower outlet pipe
screen had excellent clarity and ability to zoom is even more useful
i can see this being used for lots of jobs around the home
behind walls, under floors and in the garage when a part is dropped inside an engine and needs located without having to feel for it

Fabulous …Camera to have, would highly recommend.


I had to lend mine to a builder and a plumber form a well known company.

I cant believe they do not have them.

Worth a pitch to Dyno rod

07775 825955

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit, within days of buying it, I used it to find my wife’s small earring that she had lost in the car ! Very helpful staff and a great warranty comes with it too. Would definitely recommend.

Brilliant service with next day delivery.
Didn’t have unit I wanted in stock so upgraded me to higher spec camera at no extra cost.
Thank you.

Fantastic service, quick delivery and great item. Customer service was excellent, and we got a great deal. Definitely would buy this item, and from Easyview again.

It is a very good piece of kit and it has been extremely useful checking out pipes and cables behind studwork.
Only thing is I wish I had purchased the recordable version to show Customers.

I ordered the Eazyview tradesman non recoding camera, but due to a shortage they sent me the tradesman record model instead at no extra cost. Excellent service, thanks very much.

Had a leak in the 50 year old cold water pipes inside the house. Found the leak, but too inaccessible to repair, so decided to replace all the pipes with new. The problem was finding the connections to the kitchen and bathroom upgrades done some years ago. Without the camera we would have needed to take up the floor upstairs and down, but the camera enabled pipe runs and connections to be located easily with the minimum disruption. My plumber said he wished he had such a device in the years he had been working, it would have made his job so much easier.

Excellent item, well worth the money., simple to use. Found our leak in the shower which saved me getting a tradesman thus saving that cost.

Clear picture , easy to handle and understand , quality and affordable, nice bit of kit , saves you time and money , thanks ?

Simple to use straight from the box, the picture is great, much better than other cameras I have seen.. Buy one.

handy tool thats saved me time in having a camera to see inside washing machines,tumble driers and being able to diagnose faults without taking things to bits

Excellent product. Just what we needed to inspect the internal condition of a flooded jetski engine. The camera saved an engine strip.

Just the perfect “toy” for me, saved a huge problem with my Oldtimer and has helped me ever since with many more, like house maintenance for example. Can only recommend to purchase, its easy , it works!

Moving in to our new home I found that I could not be sure of what lied under the plasterboard walls , cables/pipes . On buying the easyview I was able to very easily be sure where the cables where and fix all the things to the walls that I wanted. very easy to use, looks a strong unit that will last.

Great for checking out the innards of a faulty dishwasher to see where the problem being dealt with was originating and checking out part numbers where visible. Saved quite a lot of time eliminating parts that were ok and not having to dismantle needlessly. Skinned knuckles also much reduced. Recorder version may have been slightly more useful for comparing pictures of items required on the laptop but having the camera in the first place was a big step forward.

Very happy with this purchase. I am sure it will be very useful in the future.

I am an electrician so need this to find cables hidden in walls or floors. Received on the same day I was doing a complete rewire and helped me save a lot of time an energy on that job as I was able to quickly find the cables I was looking for without having to rip a lot of the wall and floor apart.
Definitely recommend this product.
I have used many in the past but this one I love the most and will defo use for a long time.
Only down side is light doesn’t shine far enough to see deeper inside the dark. I would say max 50cm in the dark but still better than the competitors.

Fabulous product. Should be part of every business or home owners tools.

Easy to use straight out of the box. Already used it to inspect air receiver tanks and inside of chassis members. Next use will be on the combine harvester.

I bought this product to help in the investigation of asbestos behind panels and floating ceiling.

The system is really easy to use and gives a great quality image. The added feature of a bright led light is also excellent.

I looked at many other scopes from other manufactures but none seemed to offer the quality at such an affordable price.
It is an excellent product and I have found no faults.
My only regret was not spending the extra money to get the recorded image.

Excellent piece of kit, does what it says on the box!

Had a problem with the original one 13 months after purchase, Easyview replaced it without question, first class after sales service and customer commitment.

Needed to ‘see’ behind a large coal burning fire installation…. Spotted where back panel was rusted through and confirmed the need to remove the whole fire place for welding repair… Easily satisfied the customer of the real need to carry out a complex repair. Used in several situations since to trace wires in ‘awkward’ situations…. great!

Bought this easy view because i needed to find some cables in a ceiling. Did not want to put holes in it. Drilled a small hole in the ceiling and found them. It is easy to use come in a case so is well protected. The picture quality is really good. Have use it several times since. The only problem is everyone wants to use it.

Seems like a very good piece of kit to me.
Quality plastics, clear screen and a long flexy camera cable.
The camera light (at the end of the flexy cable) is super bright too.

Bought this to track down a mouse in an inaccessible part of a ceiling.
Worked really well.
Plan to inspect the internals of an old car engine soon and I’m pretty sure it’ll be good for that too. The mirror attachment (included) will help with that job.

I have had this camera for a year now and it is brilliant.

On several occasions it has got me and family members out of a tight spot. Given its modest price, having one, even for occasional use, is a great idea. How else can you see inside your walls or at the bottom of the engine compartment of your car.

I bought my camera at Race Retro last year, and this year felt compelled to seek out the company and express by delight.

Well done chaps.

I spoke to the gentlemen on the stand at the Tool Fair at Alexandra Palace. I told them that I purchased the Eazy View Tradesman View Inspection Camera at the previous years fair and could not believe how useful the item was! I have loaned my camera to other tradesmen, and they were impressed by its quality that several others are now thinking about purchasing one for themselves.

It really is a great product and fantastic value for money!

I bought the inspection camera as a present so have not used myself but I did use it briefly after checking the product was ok and was not disappointed.

It was easy to use, had a good screen display and a good bright inspection light. It came in a handy zipped softbound case and was incredible value for money.

Very pleased!

Hi I bought this camera a year ago at the bath an west classic car show it’s been a really good handy bit of kit with a good clear image and the customer service and after sales is really good to

Bought one of these at the 2016 NEC Classic Car Show and I have been really impressed with the clarity and size of the images, much better than other units I’ve used in the past on my TR4A. I’ve even used it in the house when trying to locate cables and pipes behind plasterboard which saved me a lot of time and hassle of cutting hatches in the wall. Can’t rate it highly enough.

An excellent product.

Allowed us to quickly and easily inspect and diagnose an internal engine failure at the 2017 Abingdon Rally, as well as being used frequently to observe the condition of the pistons in our race engines.


a decent bit of kit for not a lot of money, The guy I work with has the recording version, I decided to buy one but didn’t really need the recording facility so went for this as it was slightly cheaper and will meet all of my needs.

Robust bit of kit and virtually on a par with the much dearer stuff made by better known companies, why pay hundreds of pounds for something that you may not use every day?

Try one of these I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Perfect for DIY

For Professionals use we recommend the Tradesman Record

Perfect for DIY

For Professionals use we recommend the Tradesman Record

For professional use we recommend our Tradesman Record as it can see up to 2m in the dark and has other useful features, but the View is ideal for DIY applications as well as across all trades and professions.

A perfect entry level inspection camera if you expect to only use occasionally and don’t anticipate needing to record images to show customers, colleagues or professionals.

Using the same excellent low light, waterproof and chemical resistant camera pipe as the UK’s best-selling Tradesman Record the View delivers clear colour images in complete darkness. Ideal for many applications including:-

  • Electrical and Mechancial
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Building and Mechanical
  • Vehicle and Machinery
  • DIY and other
  • Under floors and in voids
  • Drains and pipes
  • Vehicles and Machinery
  • Cavities and Vents
  • Flues and Chimneys