Tradesman Record – 8.5mm and 5.5mm Auto bundle

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Gwenda Ball

We would not hesitate to recommend

Michael Smith

Fantastic piece of kit.


It will make your life a whole lot easier

Andy Barnes

Already paid for itself several times over

Alan Hawkins

Astounded by the image clarity

James Bewick

The quality and price are second to none

Alan Silverstone

It paid for itself within a week and that’s good enough for me

Mark Durkowski

Best value for money tool have bought for a long time

John Moran

Great product, especially for the money

Andy Rogers

I’m really impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone

Orlando Yumuya

Its usefulness is endless

Paul Quinlan

Brilliant camera so easy to use and quality of the images are excellent

Stuart Davies

I have every confidence in recommending the product and company

Neil Percival

Has already saved me more time than it cost, great tool.

Dr Lynch-Blosse

Great piece of kit

Ian Wilson

Best tool in my van

Johnathan B

Best camera under £300 by far.

Steve Peters

Best thing I ever bought!


Good illumination, clear images and well built


Really great product, easy to to use.

Livewire Installations

Great item – would recommend to any tradesperson

Price shown excludes VAT – Excellent image – Perfect for every trade and application

  • Image enhancing software
  • See up to 2m in total darkness
  • 8.5mm low light and 5.5mm close range cameras
  • Photo or Video recording
  • Internal memory or SD card
  • Time, date and custom stamp

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Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Got a problem you can't see?

Guaranteed to help you find your issues or your money back!

Image enhancement icon
Image Enhance

See up to 2m in total darkness

Camera head icon
8.5mm and 5.5mm

Both 1.5m longer than average

Photo and video icon

Records photos and videos

Waterproof icon

Up to 1.5m depth of pressure

Chemical resistant icon
Chemical Resistant

Use in petrol, diesel, oil etc

Zoom icon
4 x Zoom

See further when necessary

Internal memory icon
Internal Memory

1000 photos or 5 minutes of video

SD card icon
Optional SD card

For masses more storage

Time and date icon
Time & Date

All recordings are stamped

Data stamp icon
Data Stamp

Add Your custom data to recordings

Folders icon
Separate Folders

Keeps photos and videos organised

Thumbnail icon
Thumbnail View

List view or thumbnails

Video search icon
Video Search

Quickly find your evidence

USB icon

PC link cable supplied

Padlock icon

Protect settings and recordings

Battery saver icon
Battery Saver

Shut off unit or LED to save power

Accessory attachments

Hook, Mirror and Magnet for free

Soft carry case icon
Carry Case

Professional soft carry case

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 33 x 22 x 8 cm

Yellow and grey


One touch photo and video
Internal memory or SD card


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Professional Mechanics Choice

  • 8.5mm low light camera
  • 5.5mm close range camera
  • Super bright LED
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • 2.4" colour LCD
  • Image enhancing software
  • 4 times zoom
  • One touch record
  • Photo and video record
  • 1000 photo internal memory
  • SD card option
  • Time and date stamp
  • Customer embed field
  • Recording counter
  • Thumbnail or list view
  • Video search feature
  • USB port
  • Battery saver option
  • AV output
  • English/French/Spanish
  • AA batteries
  • Professional soft carry case

A great allrounder, the Eazyview Tradesman is a really versatile high performance inspection camera with image enhancing software designed to give you excellent performance in total darkness such voids, under floorboards, within cavities and machinery and in all hard to reach places.

The Tradesman is our best selling model because it delivers for our customers. With this bundle you get the excellent low light 8.5mm camera for 90% of all applications on vehicles and the 5.5mm close range camera to inspect inside engines and machinery.

All our knowledge of inspection cameras, borescopes and endoscopes has been condensed into our Tradesman Record to create the best all round inspection camera, delivery professional performance for all trades and professions including:-

  • Electrical and Mechancial
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Building and Mechanical
  • Vehicle and Machinery
  • DIY and other
  • Under floors and in voids
  • Drains and pipes
  • Vehicles and Machinery
  • Cavities and Vents
  • Flues and Chimneys

Eazyview gives excellent images in the dark

The image below shows why the performance of an inspection camera in total darkness is so important.

Example of Eazyview in total darkness small

Both the low cost camera (on the left) and the Eazyview camera are viewing the same image at a distance of 50cm and in complete darkness, both cameras are set to maximum LED brightness yet with the low cost camera it is hardly possible to make anything out while the Eazyview delivers an excellent image of the test card.

With the Eazyview Tradesman Record it is possible to see an object up to 2m in total darkness.

Sample images taken with a Tradesman Record in total darkness