Contacting Us for Technical Support

In the first instance please read your manual or review the FAQs below.
Email is always best as we can often deal with questions outside of office hours.
If you wish to phone us then our number is 03450 522 433 and this is manned 24/7/365 however our receptionist will only be able to take a message and we will endeavour to get back to you usually by email as soon as possible.
Finally, when available you can chat online with one of our experts for both sales and technical support.
tradesman batteries
The Tradesman is NOT rechargeable but is powered by 3 x AA batteries which are supplied. The USB port of for connecting to your PC only. You can use rechargeable batteries but will need to use a separate charger. If you want to use rechargeable batteries then you need to change the setting in the BATTERY menu which is in the SETUP menu.
It is NOT possible to use rechargeable batteries with the Tradesman View.
We recommend Duracell Ultra AA batteries.
Connecting a PC
The Tradesman Record has built in memory to store over 1000 photos or 5 minutes of video. Whilst you can playback recordings on screen, you can copy, delete and view them on your PC through the USB port using the cable provided. BEFORE connecting your Tradesman make sure the option USB MODE in the SETUP menu is set to MSDC mode. Once set to this mode when you connect to a computer your device will appear as an external memory.
You can view the internal memory or and SD card if fitted via the USB connection. Of course it may be easier simply to remove the SD card and plug it in to your computer.
You can also copy the contents of your internal memory to a fitted SD card via the menu CONFIG, MEMORY and COPY TO SD CARD.
Deleting recordings
In version 2 of our firmware there is NO menu option to delete individual recordings. To do this you can connect your Eazyview to a PC and use windows explorer to view, copy or delete individual recordings.
You can delete the entire contents of the internal memory (or an SD card if fitted) using the menu option CONFIG, MEMORY and CLEAR MEMORY or FORMAT SD respectively.